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We are committed to providing care.

We are dedicated to supporting you and your family and making sure that you enjoy an improved quality of life.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Seraphic Touch Care, Inc. is to help individuals and communities improve their quality of life. At Seraphic Touch Care, Inc., we are committed to providing quality home health care as well as physical and emotional comfort to all our clients in a fashion of unparalleled excellence. We provide speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy for your kids. We provide a productive recovery environment for patients and families by combining experience, compassion, and professionalism in a home care setting. At Seraphic Touch Care, Inc., we are committed to providing clinical expertise and quality therapeutic care.

Our Vision Statement

We aim to help the kids in our care with the kind of services that will help them live their days in comfort and fulfillment. We want to become leading healthcare providers providing them with a safe space where they can recover and achieve wellness in safety and comfort.

Why Choose Our Care?

Our highly reliable and compassionate professionals at Seraphic Touch Care, Inc. are dedicated to providing you and your family with comprehensive care that will help improve your health, wellness, and lifestyle. We match you with the best care plan that will meet your exact needs, personalized to suit your preferences. You can count on our team of professionals to bring you and your loved ones a sense of comfort, safety, and fulfillment while under our care.

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